All Hoale-ows Eve

A Hoale Construction Mystery - Building Romance, One Flip at a Time!

Novella #3 - Romantic Suspense - Electric Prose Publications


A Hoaley Addictive Halloween!

Adam and the gang are just out for a fun night of trick or treating when a dirty devil plows into Mink and leaves a surprise in his candy bag. Next thing they know, Mink's in jail and they're hunting for an international jewel thief named Monkey. Will the trail of tricks end in treats for everyone involved? Or will they all end up with egg on their faces and TP on their shoes? There's only one way to find out!


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"I loved it!! It's a great “who done it” type story with some laughs, smiles and lots of charm thrown in. I don't like spoilers so I won't give anything away, but I will say that in this story the gang is trying to solve a crime that one of their group (Mink) has been falsely accused of. And.... while they are running around trying to find the real culprit, Mink is in jail (charming all the guards). I HIGHLY recommend this book - in fact this reader will be buying all the Hoale Construction Mysteries series very very soon. 2 thumbs up Declan Sands and keep them coming." ~Reviewer Barbara

"...I really liked this one. It was exactly as it advertises. With a lot of funny moments, this short 'whodunit' was very entertaining. I loved the banter. Now, while I truly enjoyed the whole book and finding out who REALLY did the crime, the ending dialogue killed it. LOL It's always funny reading gay men yuck it up with straight guys." ~ Reviewer Tanya Sands




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