Number 5 Fallic Circle: Apartment 3C: Darrell and Bob - 2015

Love means never having to say I killed you by mistake!

Residents of a gay apartment complex struggle to find love and harmony in a chaotic environment. Book 1 focuses on Darrell and Bob, residents of Apartment 3C.

Darrell catches the super filming porn in an open apartment. When he threatens to go to the owner, the super tells him something that drives a wedge between Darrell and Bob. The lovers struggle to figure out if they can make it through the rough spot, even while the sexy porn star in 4C casts his sexy gaze toward Darrell.

Soon all kinds of weird things are going on in the apartment next door and Darrell is at his wits end. He enlists the help of a friend of a friend to shut the porn operation down. It turns out the hired help is a hit man and misunderstands Darrell's intent, thinking he's been hired to kill Bob. Darrell panics, tells the cute hit man he’s changed his mind but the hit man wants to impress Darrell so he keeps trying to kill Bob. Darrell panics and agrees to something he never thought he'd do in an effort to save Bob.

Things just continue to get more complex from there.



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