A Hoale Lot of Trouble

A Hoale Construction Mystery - Building Romance, One Flip at a Time!

Book 1
Romantic Suspense - Electric Prose Publications

Sexy gay construction company owner, Adam Hoale, sometimes gets more than he bargained for when he flips a house!

Adam Hoale owns a construction company called, predictably, Hoale Construction. When he finds an eye opening surprise in the walls of a house he's flipping, and a libido flaring surprise standing on the lawn, he's willing to do the right thing with the surprise in the wall while entertaining dirty thoughts about the surprise on the lawn.

But as the world finds out what he discovered, and his new boy toy seems to be keeping too many secrets to make a relationship a reality, Adam soon realizes he may just get flipped himself if he's not careful.


The Novel Approach "Strongly Recommends" the Hoale Construction Mystery series! "I really enjoyed these books. They are light, fun, the sex is really hot..."

5 Stars from The Romance Studio: "This is a very good story from beginning to end and I thoroughly enjoyed the read. The author has written this one so well I could have sworn I was part of the story as the characters felt like old friends. They are well drawn in a clever, solid plot that is very inviting. The romantic aspect is charming and realistically written with some mysterious elements also. I really loved this book. The author took a simple theme and made it into something grand. A Hoale Lot of Trouble is the first in a new mystery series. I can't wait to read what's coming next."

ARe Recommended Read! "I wholeheartedly recommend this delightful story. This one will leave you smiling."

4 Stars from The Romance Reviews: I really enjoyed this quirky, fast paced, mystery story from Declan Sands. ... a wonderful well written romp of detective like proportions, steamy in the bedroom/out the bedroom interludes between Adam and Dirk and a seething tide of emotional baggage and secrets that threaten to spill out and endanger everyone involved. I definitely want to read the rest in the series."

Reader Review: "This is a great mystery with lots of twists and some sizzling m/m love scenes. I was totally impressed with this book! It was sexy and well-paced with lots of surprises with kooky characters."




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